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"I do not have stock in the company or work for the company but I recommend them to patients all the time and I wear them all the time. I wear them when I am operating for three or four hours at a time and I get the sense I am standing on water - no leg pain, no back pain and no arch pain."

- Mr. Harold Glickman, DPM and former president of the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).
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Crocs Shoes

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Crazy about Crocs! These shoes have taken the world by storm. They were originally designed and marketed as a boating shoe but now they have moved from a niche shoe to widespread wear. They aren't just footwear; they're the closest thing to religion that the foot has experienced. Crocs shoes have ugly duckling distinctiveness. They embrace boxy and clunky as a rebellion against whatever the fashion elite tells us we should wear. Also they are funky clogs that have taken the shoe industry to a new level of fashionable innovation. Their amorous shape gives the shoes a jovial quality while adding a practicality to these earthy and comfy shoes. They look painful to wear but they are actually soft, high-tech and have been embraced by Americans everywhere.

Crocs are a delightful addition to any footwear wardrobe. They are modestly priced, interchangeable, springy and light with the feel of "marshmallow fluffiness". The holes punched in the allow for a soothing breeze to cool a sweaty foot. Those who wear them all day swear that the springy material holds up like nothing else. Crocs wearers are drawn by the "No slip grip on the sole" with the aerating holes on the toe area and by their feather-like weightlessness (a mere 6 ounces). These shoes are made of a proprietary nonplastic resin formula (known as Croslite). Croslite material is soft, bacteria-resistant and has a strangely "natural" feel. It is known for its anti-microbial, slip resistant, anti-odor that provides the ultimate in comfortable wear because it ergonomically molds to the shape of your foot. Durable and comfortable Croslite has a feel of lightness and springiness.

Crocs offer your feet protection and provide arch support while aerating your foot with ventilation holes on the top and on the sides. They are the most comfortable, versatile, soft, lightweight, odor-resistant, waterproof and all purpose shoes for both comfort and fashion. This comfortable shoe mixes design and softness for the ultimate in comfort. They are ultra-light and don't bite at all. You can wear crocs shoes for camping, around the house, or on the beach. They are ventilated to keep the feet cool and dry, with a heel strap that can sling over the heel or rotate forward to make them fully slip-on.

Crocs are not only comfortable, but they are also flexible and durable. Crocs fans swear by their comfort. They have huge room in the toe area that offers the front part of the foot lots of room. They are lined with antibacterial material that prevents fungal and bacterial infections.

What makes Crocs so striking is their delightfully loud colors. With bright yellow, fuchsia, orange, lime green, red and purple to name only a few of the 60 or more colors and color combinations. This shoe is made to suit any fashion plate. Crocs are made in over 50 styles for everyone including adult, men, women and kids.

Crocs for WOMEN: The sporty women's crocs shoes Sassari wedge is one of many women's styles that is delightfully springy. As well as there are Crocs Mary Jane, Malindi, Alice and Troika.

Crocs for KIDS: Crocs for kids look adorable on sun-kissed toddlers with many styles. In crocs kids shoes collection, we have Crocs Cayman, Mammoth, Georgie, Crocling, Disney, Disney Pirates, Mary Jane for girls, Axle and SpongeBob to name a few. These shoes are ideal for kids who like their colorfulness, lightness, squishiness, and the holes in the front in which Jibbitz charms can be placed to personalize the shoes.

Crocs SANDALS: When the temperatures rise and flip-flops around try Crocs sandals. Choose from Crocs Nile, Adara, Athens, Crete, Ithaca, Scutes, Capri, Cleo, Patra or Sobek.

Crocs for ADULTS: Crocs are ideal for casual wear as well as for professional and recreational uses. Adult Crocs now have numerous designs to suit a myriad of occupations. We have introduced over 50 designs in crocs men's shoes including Crocs Cayman, Venture, Bistro, Specialist, High Velocity and Beach.

Crocs RECREATIONAL shoes: Crocs are great for sports and hiking. Choose from Crocs Islander, Off Road, All Terrain, Axle, Georgie, Hydro or Mammoth for the ultimate in comfort and functionality. They make great boating shoes because they float, they are waterproof, non-slip and easy to take on and off.